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What’s Mainstreet all about?

Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance is the country’s premier provider of professional liability insurance for solo attorneys and small private practice law firms.

How We Help You

We listen. We care. We act
Quick and easy enrollment
Affordable rates
Professional risk management consulting
Malpractice insurance for lawyers

Our Business

Mainstreet has specialized in malpractice insurance for lawyers since 1996
Our agents understand how to best insure lawyers at small law firm or solo practices

Some Of Our Risk Partners

Hanover Professionals Industry, Rated: A
The Travelers Insurance Company Industry, Rated: A++
Berkley Insurance Company, Rated: A+
Admiral Insurance Company, Rated: A+
National Liability & Fire Insurance Company (Attorney Protective), Rated A++
Freedom Specialty Insurance Company (LawGold), Rated: A+
Lloyds of London, Rated: A
Arch Insurance Group, Rated: A+
Wesco Insurance Company, Rated: A
Medmarc Insurance Company (LawyerCare), Rated: A-
Zurich-American Insurance Group, Rated A+

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