Our Team

blonde woman smiling, short wavy hair

Laura Lilly

Agency Leader
Joined Mainstreet 2001
man smiling, dark hair, beard and mustache

Raji May

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2012
Woman smiling, long black hair, red lipstick

Elicia Wickstead

Office Manager / Accounts Payable
Joined Mainstreet 2010
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Andy Strong-Coleman

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2021
young woman smiling, glasses, brown straight hair with highlights

Kristin Harbak

Operations / IT & Accounting Leader
Joined Mainstreet 2003
man smiling, light hair, beard and mustache

Kyle Sondersen

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2014
man with glasses smiling, green foliage background

Ryan Sigmund

Account Coordinator / Data Specialist
Joined Mainstreet 2018
Mainstreet Malpractice Insurance logo squares

Nealle Blohm

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2022
Man smiling, light hair, white shirt, tie

James Tracy

Sales Leader & Large Firm Specialist
Joined Mainstreet 2005
man smiling, blue shirt, tie, brown hair, beard and mustache

Paul Sigmund

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2015
woman smiling, short hair, light eyes

Sai Ekholm-Dean

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2018

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