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For solo practitioners and small to medium legal firms, Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance is the best source of professional liability insurance.

Our insurance experts are knowledgeable and provide the most effective strategies to protect both solo practitioners and larger law firms.

Since 1996, Mainstreet has specialized in providing malpractice insurance for attorneys, supporting both independent providers and small to large law firms across the country. Our staff is committed to giving your legal firm the protection it needs.

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Laura Lilly

Agency Leader
Joined Mainstreet 2001
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Raji May

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2012
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Elicia Wickstead

Office Manager / Accounts Payable
Joined Mainstreet 2010
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Andy Strong-Coleman

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2021
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Kristin Harbak

Operations / IT & Accounting Leader
Joined Mainstreet 2003
man smiling, light hair, beard and mustache

Kyle Sondersen

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2014
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Ryan Sigmund

Account Coordinator / Data Specialist
Joined Mainstreet 2018
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Nealle Blohm

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2022
Man smiling, light hair, white shirt, tie

James Tracy

Sales Leader & Large Firm Specialist
Joined Mainstreet 2005
man smiling, blue shirt, tie, brown hair, beard and mustache

Paul Sigmund

Agent & Broker
Joined Mainstreet 2015
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Sai Ekholm-Dean

Account Coordinator
Joined Mainstreet 2018

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