What People Are Saying…

“I was quite impressed by how patient and helpful you were when I began considering insurance.  Once I had made the commitment, your services made it very easy to sign up, you were available if I had questions, and overall it was an extremely smooth process, void of any stress.  Thank you for being so very helpful.”

Stephen B.

“You guys are awesome.  Your service and your rates are certainly extra ordinary. I have already referred other attorneys and I will continue to do so.” 

Ali N.

“Thank you for helping me establish my malpractice insurance. This was my first time purchasing such insurance, and the experience with you and your associates has been professional and pleasant. I felt that you listened to my needs, which were perhaps a little out of the ordinary, and met them well.” 

Amy D.

“I received exceptional service, thus far.  Further, just as I was referred to Mainstreet by a lawyer colleague, I will refer future colleagues and friends to you as well.  The price is very reasonable and the service is the deal maker.” 

Jane M.

“Obtaining professional liability insurance was painless and easy. A courteous and patient agent helped me every step of the way.”

Dominic R., Colorado

“James Tracy went above and beyond to find me a quality insurer comparable what I currently had at a better rate. The fact that Mainstreet and my new insurer have multiple payment options including credit cards is a big plus. I would highly recommend that you talk with James. He understands solo practitioners and small practices in a way that not all brokers do.”

Diana L., Illinois

“Even though I’m a relatively small practice, the service and attention that I have received from James at Mainstreet has been truly outstanding. James walked me through the process, and made getting my first professional liability policy a cakewalk. I couldn’t recommend Mainstreet more highly.”

Russell C., Washington

“I needed a liability policy in place quickly when I decided to start my own practice. James and Mainstreet Financial Services were responsive and efficient. I will definitely recommend Mainstreet’s services in the future.”

Chris B., Colorado

“I was with Mainstreet for my entire sole practitioner years, with the exception of last year.  I got swept away with big promises and left for another group.  Long story short, I came back after just one year, because I don’t just love the service you provide, but I NEED the personal service you provide.”

Christina F.

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