Mainstreet Legal Liability & Malpractice Insurance For Texas Lawyers

Helping Small Law Firms and Solo Legal Practitioners for over 25 years

As A Texas Lawyer, Why Choose Mainstreet For Your Legal Liability & Malpractice Insurance?

From Houston to Austin, and across the state, Texas lawyers trust Mainstreet to meet their legal malpractice insurance needs. Lawyers throughout the nation have turned to Mainstreet for professional liability insurance since 1996.  Our mission is to provide our clients with dependable coverage and responsive service at affordable costs. We specialize in professional liability insurance for lawyers and understand the special needs of solo practitioners and small to medium size law firms.


Every lawyer has a story and a reason to buy professional liability and malpractice insurance. We want to know yours. Helping you to evaluate and handle the risk inherent in practicing law in Texas in a way that fits your needs is a responsibility we take seriously. We also have our ear to the professional liability marketplace. We stay current on insurance underwriting and pricing trends with numerous A-rated insurers. With that knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently match your firm with insurance companies that offer the best professional liability and malpractice coverages and affordable rates in Texas.

No matter your areas of legal practice…
• General or Specialty Law
• Real Estate Law
• Intellectual Property/ Patent Law
• Estates & Trusts Law
• Plaintiff Personal Injury Law

Or your situation…
• Disciplinary matters or claims
• Full time or part time
• Start-up law firm
• Dissolving or merging law firm
• No Insurance or gaps in coverage
• Currently insured but seeking alternatives

We have options for you!


Why? Because we like attorneys and lawyers! Who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to your clients, community, society and Texas as a whole.
We also know the value of professional liability and malpractice insurance. To provide peace of mind in protecting what you’ve built. To enable you to continue practicing law and serving your clients without distraction when a claim is made. To do right by your client when human error happens. To bring more clients to your firm via referrals and contracts. That’s why we partner with financially strong insurance companies who offer risk management services and professional, dependable claims handling.


Quickly. Your time is money.
Efficiently. To minimize paperwork.
Professionally. We utilize our 40+ years of agent experience, expertise, and insurer relationships in the legal malpractice and professional liability insurance field to find you the level of coverage you want at a price you can afford.
With Integrity. Because that’s how you treat your clients and partners.
So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call (or click)!
We’ll listen, we’ll care, we’ll act for you and your law firm.

Texas Professional Legal Liability & Malpractice Insurance For Lawyers FAQs

Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance is an insurance agency / broker founded in 1996 to provide dedicated services to solo lawyers & small firms as well as larger law firms.

Small law firm operations differ significantly from larger law firms. Mainstreet tailors insurance service accordingly.  Most insurance retailers will place insurance for a smaller firm but reserve quality service for the larger firms. Not so with Mainstreet. Likewise, larger firms often have risks and risk management needs that small firms do not encounter. Our larger firm program agents are skilled at addressing these concerns and challenges.

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